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Having last been spotted in the mid 90s (post-Whitehouse/Skullflower/Ascension) Stefan Jaworzyn's musical output resurfaced in 2013 with two amazing EPs on his legendary Shock label. This LP continues to define his new mission of exploring the results of taking away an aging lunatic's guitars and locking him in a room full of electronic equipment.

Over forty minutes and four tracks 'Principles of Inertia' delivers an analog assault for the weirdest dancefloors. Kicking off with 'Biorigged', driven by a rugged breakbeat through bracing, atonal maelstrom of sheer, screeching, crisply contoured chirpin mind-bending tweaks. 'Festival Of Lies' delivers a swarm of blood curdling electronics underpinned by a squashed and distressed tract of wobbly bass and surging squall. Flip for the driving blistering juggernaut that is 'Gland Collector', a delirious proper napalmed ear-flosser. The LP closes with 'Apocalypse' which adds layers of bleeping LFO nastiness to relentlessly shuddering rhythms & blistering but lush harmonic noise. A dose of sonic bath salts straight to the ear.

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