darker days ahead LP
Label: Tragedy Records

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The vinyl version has been delayed due to mastering problems. "darker days ahead" is the 4th album from this well respected hardcore band. TRAGEDY pushing their genre to its expressive extremes, putting every trick they have into the service of gigantic slabs of forbidding, apocalyptic darkness. They use acoustic guitars and ambient radio-chatter and blazing power-metal guitar-leads whenever they want, and they put all these things into the service of roaring deep-concentration anger-bombs that, when you’re listening to them, make the world feel like a different place. "darker days ahead" is their furthest-out album yet - an absolutely crushing slab that’s closer to metal than to just about all ideas of punk. The record comes in black vinyl, thick printed inner sleeve, de-luxe old style casewrapped LP jacket with a letterpress embossing.
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  • crust
  • hardcore
  • metal

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