Ill Fares The Land LP
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On the horizon, darkness looms. Small ideas birth larger than life sonics on Koenraad Ecker's "Ill Fares The Land." Inside this non-linear narrative, Ecker blossoms like a parasite crowding out its host. Deep chasms open within these musical walls and keep the delicate balance that exists within this aural web in check and free.

Fourteen minute opener "Oran" is a sprawling and resolute. Ecker shows his compositional chops through an impressive mix of blacked-out electronics and horror-filled cello passages. Inside long, drawn out passages, he avoids repetition and beats down a tonal path where the structure of each piece is dynamic yet cohesive. The combination is intoxicating, indicating a world decaying from the inside out. Sparse beats end up in a death spiral, competing with the moaning voice of Ecker's cello scrawl and bleak electronics that fill all the empty cracks. Rich textures overload the senses until there's nowhere else to hide except the dense electronics of "Kurtz."

Like the slow burn of a lit fuse, "One-Eye" crawls through layers of decay before exploding midway through into incalculable chaos. Square waves blot out difficult melodies saturated in sepia tones only to suddenly disappear like a corroded hallucination. White noise builds from short crackles into cavernous rhythms that become a funeral march for the broken and alone. Machines come to life only to be shuddered when the electricity is cut and all that's left are growling, harmonic scarpes. "Ill Fares The Land" will certainly leave a mark.
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  • Dark Ambient
  • Drone
  • Electronic

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