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In the wake of their universally hailed 2013 full-length debut, Pickup Lines, the firm of SVACINA / FRAZIER / ASSI and JONES, aka Austin's SWEET TALK, return with six new songs, created this past May in Denton, TX with the Marked Men's MARK RYAN and JEFF BURKE at the recording desk. The twin-guitar attack of Stephen Svacina and Mitch Fraizer has been captured in all it's multi-dimensional glory ; for those stunned by Pickup Lines' all-killer/no-filler collection of new pop classics, Flash Of Light is ample evidence these guys were merely getting started. Featuring guys who are in/out of such bands as UPTOWN BUMS, CHURCH SHOES, WICCANS, MIND SPIDERS, OBN IIIs, BRAIN ATTACK, JONLY BONLY, VIDEO and probably a few more by the time you're done reading this.
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