l'autrichienne DLP
Label: relapse

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The latest from this Southern noise punk riff monster duo is a raw sonic palette varying in tempo and volume that never lets up! Oddly enough, this intense release centers around French noblewoman Marie Antionette, and is extremely well-thought out & deep. This is definitely the most ambitious Jucifer record to date.

Amber Valentine's distinctive voice varies from harsh, banshee screams to softly moaned intonations against a raw palette that varies in terms of tempo and volume but never wavers in emotive intensity. Jucifer reinvents metallic shoegazing on 'L'autrichienne.'

There's so much music here we had to split it up into a double album with full color gatefold & lyric sheet! 

This item is tagged as:
  • Doom
  • Female-Fronted
  • Metal
  • Noiserock

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