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For some this record might sound as a relict from the past, but it's still so very intense and powerful. It's out of a time when a lot of great bands from spain/basque/galicia like EKKAIA, MADAME GERMEN, ICTUS… had a huge impact on the european HC/Punk/Crust Scene.
I know the recordings since years now and i am still so very much blown away every time i hear them! Originally this was planned as a 10" of ASFIXIA about 5 years ago, but they sadly decided to call it quits and split up before it was ever got released.

ASFIXIA from Bilbao/Basque country deliver some very intense & emotional HC/Punk/Crust (whatever you wanna call it!), they had their absolute unique sound with wonderful sweet melodies, abpruptly crushing into anger & despair. Radical, political lyrics dealing with the cruelty of mankind & the major impact of technologies on humankind - very intense and very elaborated - presented by the sharp, screaming vocals of their female singer. At times it reminds me of bands such as ANOMIE or UNHINGED. ANNUNAKI REVENGE also from the basque country - unleash six songs on this split lp. Midtempo Crustpunk that managed to create an thoughtful atmosphere through the space it leaves for intense and direct guitar riffing and melodies, backed up by the right amount of D-Beat drumming and lyrics presented mostly in basque language.

This record is a benefit record for an anarchist printing collective called IRRINTZI, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz / Basque country.
It comes in a really beautiful screenprinted, three colored cardboard cover and along with a thick 20 page booklet with lyrics, translations and long explanations to all songs. You can definitely see, feel and hear that this record is more than just a piece of music. It's about D.I.Y., ideals, friendship  and passion!
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  • hardcore
  • punk

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