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Melbournian multi-hyphenate Luke Brown has his hands in a lot of pots, having dug deep in his DJ duo with Ricardo Ramos, Leslie Salvador, as well as his ongoing death-disco / dark-synth revisionist twosome, Negativ Magick. But the past few years have found him exploring more classic, scruffed-up analog house terrain via his latest alias Les Level, and his six-track debut is purist uncut club gold. Bookended by a pair of of mixes of the stellar neo-Chicago anthem “House of Need,” the rest of the tracks prowl through a host of suave, shuffling, Strictly Rhythmic variations, from the 3 AM skyline seducer “Smooth Sailing” to the pumping, jazzy jack-groove “Working Nights.” An expert assemblage by a nuanced craftsman with style to burn.
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