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Future Songs was written for a never ending line or the circle as a symbol of the universe. It’s passed Aleph Null and resides at Aleph One. With visions of Gabriel on Cambridge’s infamous Castle Hill and al-Idr?s?’s Book of Roger, the songs are inward looking while charting the struggle between religiosity and actuality. Folksong story telling is placed in unfamiliar circumstances asking questions of the listener while looking for an answer. It’s all there, if a little hidden. Like they say, The Spiders House is so frail, if only they knew. While 2012’s Keep It Together released on Woodsist was a large ensemble all-encompassing affair, Future Songs invites the listener in, drawing him closer and closer toward the light. Listen in and the rewards will come. Previous releases on Woodsist, Siltbreeze, Pickled Egg and Sloowtapes. Limited edition of 250 copies for the world. Touring the USA with MV/EE September 2013.
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  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Indie

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