Great Dose of Monotonous Techno LP
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Digitalis dig below and beyond with this amazing reissue of accelerated early techno by Joel Brindefalk (RIP) in his Ü guise. Uprooted from its 1992 cassette release on Börft Records and launched into a 2013 scene swimming with lo-fi 4/4 mutations, 'Great Dose Of Monotonous Techno' is a potent dose of the reel thing; like a crumbly gary stored in a shoebox when the CJB was enacted, only to be discovered twenty years later. Harking back to the proper, real-time flow and ethereal, e-motive atmosphere of classic kickers from AFX, The Mover or Frank DeWulf, but with a grittier, rudimentary grasp of the groove, it plays thru two sides of the original cassette - ferric smudge perfectly intact thanks to Andreas Tilliander's remaster - at a fair ol' clip, just how they used to. Aside from a couple of wicked slow-downs and speed-ups, the pace gauge doesn't dip below 135bpm, sustaining a barrage of rolling kicks and prickly hi-hats smothered in acid goop and gauzy pads that still sound genuinely futuristic, albeit with a heady side-spin of nostalgia. It's music designed to enhance and abet a heightened sensory experience (most likely, but not certainly, along with a wrap of whizz), as Joel describes in his liner notes penned in 1992, "the very special sound structure - analogue alarm attack - bass - noise - treble - makes your brain want to scream and your body move - puts you in a mood of high-tech youth culture", which pushed itself into being, emerging as a side effect of the '80s Industrial/amphetamine helix and early acid, but with something altered. Almost like MDMA itself, a form of amphetamine with a weird side effect - and trance-inducing, for ravers needed it harder, faster, stronger, better. But this music emerged and lasted in this form for only a brief window of time, from outposts in Sweden to fields in Cornwall and on Goan beaches, before the formula was commodified by the entertainment industry and bastardised as trance and, jeez, I have to say it, ED-f**king-M. What remains, though, is a remarkable document of spirit, an emotional ghost which transcends and subverts any imposed commercial grid and exists as a form of pure, unadulterated, deeply affective techno. We highly recommend jamming this on your walkman and going for a night-flight around your nearest metropolis or deserted train graveyard for full impact.
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