Pearl And The End Of The World LP
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San Francisco’s GRAYCEON has prepared the next chapter in their story, a 30-minute album comprised of two sprawling epics that bend the concentration closer toward the band’s rockier roots. Comprised of guiarist MAX DOYLE, cellist JACKIE PEREZ GRATZ (who has played on albums by Om, Agalloch, Cattle Decapitation, Giant Squid, and Amber Asylum), and drummer ZACK FARWELL, the band has managed to tackle the full spectrum of heavy music’s extensive clutch of emotions. Pummeling sludgy metal quickly carves into fiery post-punk that’s knotted with epic experimental rock—all blanketed with the additional allure of ample use of mellow stretches to fully round out the pattern. Cover illustrations by the renowned artist D.V.D'ANDREA.

This item is tagged as:
  • Experimental
  • Female-Fronted
  • Metal
  • Sludge

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