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Like many of our favourite stories, everything starts with a young Guillermo Farré, our main character, listening to an insane variety af music in his High School days, later playing with a few bands and finally taking advantage of all that and his talent to write and sing wonderful songs. To have Stereolab's Tim Gane sitting in the producer chair for his new album has been the icing on the cake. The story ends (so far) with Wild Honey's sophomore album, "Big Flash". Pure, catchy and beautifully arranged pop songs with a slightly lysergic twist.

The result is an album full of proper pop songs, with catchy melodies and beautiful arrangements. You may hear echoes of Os Mutantes, The Beach Boys (Wild Honey takes its name from one of their songs), Todd Rundgren, Broadcast, Ennio Morricone, The Millenium, Bill Fay, or The Zombies, or you may not hear them at all, because most of all, Wild Honey has carefully crafted a sound of its own.

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