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One Lick Less proves that you can do so much with just drum & bass and the occasional vocals. We Could Be Quiet contains music that hovers around free-ranging blues, progressive improv and even “spectral math rock.”

When you listen, it’s not hard to see all this. The album is an intense, sometimes instrumental, compilation full of eclectic bits and pieces all cohesively working together.
The result is impressive, in terms of range and style. It’s also something difficult to describe since it’s rare to hear such a unique sound.

One Lick Less is made up of duo Julien Bancilhon and Basil Ferriot. Together they create a sound that’s trippy and complicated yet pleasant to the ears. Most of the time, it’s the instrument work and beat that takes center stage with vocals thrown in the mix. They admit to being influenced by a myriad of artists including Nirvana, John Coltrane, Jesus Lizard, Tetsuki Akiyama and Miles Davis to name a few. As a result, the album is a hodge podge of blues, grunge, and rock all rolled into one.

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