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Formed in the year 2000, Holden Caulfield has been pouring all of their heart and energy into this band since its inception. Their unique style of hardcore is aggressive, heavy, and sometimes melodic, but not leaning too much in any particular direction. Which would explain why they have such a broad appeal. Their brand of non-genre specific hardcore will at times be reminiscent of the ‘90s when every band didn’t sound the same and trends weren’t as overdone. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they sound outdated, that’s hardly the case. A band like Holden Caulfield is just the refreshing sound that some of us need these days. This is their 2nd CD on Surprise Attack and these 11 songs will definitely satisfy you. For fans of: Burn It Down, Most Precious Blood, Silent Majority, & Stretch Arm Strong.

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