THE CAUSEY WAY with loving and open arms CD

THE CAUSEY WAY with loving and open arms CD

Label: Alternative Tentacles

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Having lived much of my life in an area rife with cults and cult-style worshipers I was very intrigued in this new CD from CAUSEY WAY, a post punk album couched in a phony cult. The entire album is a religious service for THE CAUSEY WAY complete with recruitment, doctrine, social commentary and details on the construction of the Causey Way compound in central Florida where the faithful can gather. It is all a little bizarre and left of center and certainly a fascinating approach to a thematic rock band. Who needs KISS makeup and exploding risers as a gimmick when you can have religious dogma? Musically THE CAUSEY WAY are a mix of DEVO, THE DOG FACED HERMANS, ALICE DONUT and JEFFERSON AIRPLANE although not nearly as good as such a combination warrants. Not that the album is bad, far from it, it just seems to be underdeveloped musically. It is on the right track but far from the station. Maybe Boy Causey needs to spend more time in meditation and prayer so as to receive complete revelation as to the musical approach of The Causey Way.

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