COMPLICATED SHIRT compromising compositions CD

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Albany’s Complicated Shirt isn’t fearful of any lashing back that could result from their display of caustic in-your-face indie punk “Compromising Compositions . I dare say that if Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes decided to forge a punk band he’d try to lure the members of Complicated Shirt to help him out. Loud guitars squelch and twist harrowing turns of distorted bliss into some mash-up of melody that you’re probably not ever going to hear againâ€ until this post-punk group decides to enter the studio again that is. Only their sophomore release, “Compromising Compositions  lives up to its title, leaving traditional songwriting roots aside for something much more indie, underground, and devilish. Often alongside the frenzied array of indie noodling in the vein of a louder Lou Reed are varied instruments like cello, violin, brass, and woodwinds. Complicated Shirt is one item that no dry cleaners would accept.

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