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META-MATICS formed in Washington, DC during the summer of 1994 with the intention of cultivating their own musical language. Influenced by ethnic folk music, jazz, classical, and no-wave; they solidified their unique sound quickly, impressing upon bands such as BIKINI KILL and FUGAZI to take them along on tour. The raw energy and the joy of the music was the heartbeat of META-MATICS. They lived up to their name, destroying themselves after 1 1/2 years. The music continues to influence those coming from the punk idiom who want to break free of the self-composed constraints. A truly groundbreaking band, and historical artifact. This discography contains their LP, which was released on vinyl only on Slowdime Records (and has been out of print for over 2 years), their tracks from their split 7" with THE MAKE-UP, as well as a few compilation tracks. the band: Aaron Brenner- guitar Franke Vogl- bass Malcolm McDuffie- drums Chuck Bettis- vocals *Aaron Brenner went on to AIRPORT BAR *Franke Vogl went on to RARAFRE+AM, ET AT IT, HETH *Malcolm McDuffie went on to play drums in CROM-TECH and HOLLOW MOUNTAIN *Chuck Bettis went on to ALL SCARS, TRANCE and THE ARCADE, and founded Mass Particles Records

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