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Brutal Death Metal from Denmark

Any band that plays with vigor is a band worth your compliments, if not your devotion. CRUCIFIX do nothing original, but that doesn't matter because they outclass their forebears now. If DEICIDE could ever persuade themselves to write another "Once Upon The Cross" at least, then all the credit would go to them. If GORGUTS ever stopped to think that writing math problems into your songs is boring, then much credit would go to them, too. But, no - it's time for bands like CRUCIFIX to remind us what moderately technical, yet savagely blasphemous and unrelenting Death Metal is supposed to sound like. This band is a product of the 2000s, so there are several new influences to consider that were never present for any of the 90s bands who started this sub-sub genre that is technical Death Metal. These influences are largely related to timing and execution, all of which is razor sharp in CRUCIFIX. Yet they aren't a band that charts its riffs on graph paper. This is just good Death Metal that happens to be complex, as it should be.

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