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There have been changes in the house of MOURNING BELOVETH! They left their old label Sentinel Records and went to Norwegian Aftermath Music, but did this affect their Doom / Death music? Well, musically there are only minor differences between “Dust” and their new release “The Sullen Sulcus”, they still play powerful Doom / Death like old MY DYING BRIDE mixed with clean vocals comparable to classic Doom Metal like SOLITUDE AETURNUS, only the production has turned out a bit more clear and transparent. The dark and heavy Doom riffs are once again accompanied by great guitar melodies, some acoustic parts and of course the variable growling vocals, which dominate the album. Personally I think “Dust” was slightly better, because I loved its warm sound and the more often featured clean vocal parts, which have been reduced on “The Sullen Sulcus”. But this should not keep you from checking out this release! Listen to track two ‘It Almost Looked Human’, because with “only” 7 minutes it is by far the shortest song on “The Sullen Sulcus” and should give you a good idea of what you can expect of the album. If you like melancholic Doom / Death like the bands I mentioned or OCTOBER TIDE, old PARADISE LOST and stuff like this, I bet you will not do anything wrong by buying MOURNING BELOVETH’s newest effort. Doom or be Doomed!!!

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