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Hardcore is a worldwide movement! And we’re gonna prove it!

The Light Between Records has collected for the first time ever the best uprising hardcore bands from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Germany. Bands like Reconcile (Arg), Good Intentions (Br), El Camino Más Difícil (Arg), Against All My Fears (Chl), Positive Youth (Br), Nada Que Ocultar (Pe), En mi defensa (Chl), Nada Que Perder (Col) and Free to Decide (Col) are far more than just local heroes: with their unmatched skills and enthusiasm they’ve shaped the latin american hardcore scenes to be some of the most creative and exciting ones you can find right now on mother earth!

Wow they’re ready to take over Germany, meeting up with the most talented and fucked up crews, we’ve all come to love: Tackleberry (Kiel), Cobretti (Cologne), Even Worse (Schweinfurt), Time’s Up (Würzburg), XGracex (Kassel), Man The Change (Mannheim), Liberty Stands Still (Sachsen), Three Years Ago (Worms) and Go Ahead (Dessau) are representing the heart of european hardcore-culture!

If you want to get the update on what hardcore has to offer these days and care for honest handmade quality you have to get this piece of pissed but positive hardcore action!

The record comes along with a 12-page booklet, in a white tray jewel box, factory sealed and with a barcode for convenient storing (in case anyone needs it...)!

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