a gaze into the abyss LP
Label: Vendetta

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ancient hymns for the age of decay. 

"ANTLERS is a new band from Leipzig but the folks behind this outfit are not Germans, they are from Spain and Catalonia. The members, played in such renowned acts like EKKAIA, COP ON FIRE or SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (which are still active). They proof that punks can play black metal. The music ranges from atmospheric midtempo black metal towards the fast stuff. Due to the highly left wing political background of their ex-bands it seems to be sure, that ANTLERS is another bm-band which is cool (aka antifascist) plus their music sounds fucking awesome." ( morbus blastebeats ) 

mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan

This item is tagged as:
  • Atmospheric
  • Black Metal

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