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"Ride the Relapse" is the debut full-length from peculiar Norwegian outfit Haust (on Fysisk Format), who lists amongst their incredibly diverse list of influences Darkthrone, The Locust, David Bowie, Rudimentary Peni, and The Jesus Lizard. And that rather twisted range of artists actually makes some sense after you experience Haust's own brand of mangled, well… "rock", for lack of a better term. They blaze through 13 relatively brief tracks in just about 24 minutes, and the overall backbone is made up of massive, pounding basslines and energetic chord progressions, but there's just a shitload of filthy, gritty distortion all over the place. And the vocals… the vocals really do sound like some kind of fucked up, Converge-esque take on weird, noise rocked black metal - just twisted, maniacally scathing sneers, yells, and wails with - yet again - some faint distortion hovering above. And that's just the beginning! Where things get really interesting is in the more discordantly textured riffs, which shift from looser and more indie-ish little twists to crisper, darker takes on the types of winding riffs more associated with the black metal of Haust's home country - granted all of these characteristics often tend to be delivered in a tightly rhythmic, subtly technical manner that tosses in yet another dimension to the band's overflowing melting pot of sounds. It's definitely a heavier, more explosive, wholly different take on this particular leaning, and the unique nuances that they're exploring certainly pay off, 'cause this is a really cool album that certainly leaves you wanting more.

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