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The first release from Roadburn Records is is an extremely heady

affair. By melding modern classical compostion with doom drums, the

band White Darkness have thrown open the door to a vast universe of

musical possibility. At times, they offer dark ambient movie

soundscapes reminiscent of Shinjuku Thief or Coph Nia -- darkly tense

portraits of things best left undisturbed. Elsewhere they evoke the

heroically martial tones of Der Blutharsch backing a Shostakovich-

inspired string quartet.

Throughout "Nothing" there are two constants. The first is a richly

textured, deeply evocative environment... dark, epic piano melding

with subtle electronics casting somber images of man's struggle

against nature. The second is the insistent pulse of funeral doom

drumming -- invoking the spirit and aura of doom legends like

Thergothon and Skepticism. White Darkness start from these places and

expand on them, creating the perfect mix of modern classical doom.

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