We're Breaking Through 7"
Label: Heinous Anus records

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The cover art, the EP title and the label name conspired to chase me off of this one for a while, but these Australians have a brilliant, repellent sound that challenges a lot of notions one might have against such an introduction. I had to laugh when I took the single out of its sleeve and looked at the label art – winged buttocks with the center hole positioned just where you’d think, and a red circle sticker with a slit carefully cut into the middle placed over it. Two women and two men conspire to make these five discordant, miserable blasts of detuned, mid-tempo punk anger, like Huggy Bear collaborating with Los Llamarada or Teenage Jesus & the Jerks or something like that; you get the sense that they may have started from more traditional directions, but something went gloriously wrong, and all the frustration and misunderstanding from that event dominates this band’s sound. At times it sounds like they’re forgetting how to play as the songs go on, but the record is never boring or too detached to maintain interest. Get over the gross vibes and step inside their blistered sulk
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  • Australia
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