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THE BORN UGLYS is a new band from GREG VALENCIA, guitarist and sometimes vocalist in GRIMPLE, ELDOPA1332 and WATCH THEM DIE and returns to the melodic roots of early ‘90s New Mexico Hardcore like early Grimple, the earliest, melodic Logical Nonsense recordings or the punkier moments of the classic early ‘90s Lookout catalog like Filth, Crimpshrine or Blatz. JASON NIPPLES from CROSS STITCHED EYES, THE ENEMYS and ALARIC Joins on drums and DUTCH From Prank's wildest new Mexico Export, WORD SALAD joins on bass, so there's still an abrasive blasting hardcore edge and a searing solo or three. Four tracks, including a cover of an unreleased Logical Nonsense track. First pressing of 380 copies on red vinyl.

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