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“Hey, Brisbane Australia coming atcha again. Yes, the results of our second recording session. Another studio, more time/money and to my ears a thicker sound. Another 7” EP, another addition to our tiny label. I doubt anyone then or now would say it was punk or rock n roll or whatever. It was our wilful sound. I loved it then & still do now. We doubled the pressing number but good luck finding this one either. It was recorded & released in 1980 which as I write this was 31 years ago. A lifetime ago for some & possibly making me a BOF to a lot of people. I’m not going to yabber on about another boring year because it was & it wasn’t. Looking out at the world I still didn’t have much time for it but inwards for the most part it was interesting & exciting. We were writing lots of songs, all now gone other than on some practice recordings. We would rehearse each weekend with Young Identities & our friends which always had a party atmosphere & every now & then play somewhere.
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