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Limited Edition of 300, screen-printed covers with stickered PVC sleeves.

Night School are proud to release the first DIVORCE of 2011, the double A single ‘Love Attack’ / ‘Meating.’

DIVORCE are Vickie McDonald (guitar), Jennie Fulk (vocals), VSO (bass) and Andy Brown (drums). The group initiated themselves into the noise, post-wave underground in 2008, playing riotous shows hallmarked with stage / crowd invasions and feral blasts of early-Swans-infected post-hardcore. After releases on the seminal Optimo label and London-based Merok – and near constant touring – DIVORCE have taken a break, gone through a line-up change and are now weirder and wilder.

‘Love Attack’/ ‘Meating’ is the first evidence of a band at an artistic zenith. Having already claimed the UK’s sewers and basements with a bass-heavy wave of sound, the new streamlined DIVORCE have stripped back to one guitar - an endlessly inventive cascade of noise – and have found in Jennie Fulk a wired vocalist whose scrawls and yelps steadily evolve into hooks that snag and perturb. The engine of DIVORCE remains the rhythm section, a duo who can career into wild black metal territory before boiling themselves down into an apocalyptic Jesus Lizard stomp that spells the coming end in ever-more-brutal ways. A true double a side from one of the fiercest bands to breathe on these shores, both songs prove that ecstasy can come from masochism and pain.

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