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After last year’s New Age Outlaws LP, Bloomington Korg king Dylan Ettinger claimed he was gonna take a break from the robot sleaze/soundtrack-y sprawl style he had been mining for a while and pivot into a new zone. Lion Of Judah is the proof. A cool distillation of old modes and fresh focus, “Lion” slow-rides a deeply low-end syrup throb under a melancholic gauze of melodic synth leads and dubby melodica warblings (courtesy of Drekka), spiked with reverbed echo FX and echo MC vox. A total killer, easy to let roll on repeat. The flip, “Baptism,” stomps with a more brainfried new wave approach, like some rejected Mute Records synth demo from ’81, splatterpainted with outer space oscillations and garbled spoken tongues. Radical alien radio for aliens and radicals. Black vinyl big-hole 45 RPM 7 inches in stark silkscreened recycled sleeves with minimalist faux-Factory design/lettering by Manda Brown, plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 360.
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