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A BURNING BUS is iconoclast/legend DON HOWLAND’s latest musical address from his mountain compound, an exhilarating blast of oppressive fear and hopelessness. With beloved bands like the GIBSON BROTHERS and THE BASSHOLES, Mr. Howland has spent over 25 years on the fringes, preaching his misanthropic sermons to a loud but minimalist blend of blues,

garage, noise, lo-fi, and whatever else served his muse. Now, from his home in Asheville, comes the first single by his maximalist combo yet, the Burning Bus. Formed with members of local Appalachian punk/psych combos the LABIATORS, SUTTREE and DOOM RIBBONS, whose reputations precede them from their own recordings, the Burning Bus’s debut 7” enhances Howland’s trademark trebletastic menacing sound with three guitars, bass and drums. The results are as huge, thick and engulfing as a fog rolling through the Blue Ridge Mountains. On the a-side, Jayne County’s “Paranoia Paradise” is ratcheted to its greatest possible twitchy anthemic potential, and the group really cuts loose on the free form flip, where effects pedals, overdriven amps, echo and feedback provide the soundtrack to your own bouts of early in the AM isolationalism. Limited to 500 copies.

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