MANOEUVERS (Rene Hell, Jonas Reinhardt, Jonathan Fitoussi, Bear Bones, Lay Low) 7"
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Manoeuvers 7inch with exclusive tracks by Rene Hell, Jonas Reinhardt, Jonathan Fitoussi & Bear Bones, Lay Low.

Manoeuvers, the new 4-way split in the KRAAK 7" series, offers four short trips through the great cosmic minds of Rene Hell, Jonas Reinhardt, Jonathan Fitoussi and Bear Bones, Lay Low. Although all four artists use analog synthesizers as the prime source for their repetitive, mind expanding compositions they show the broad variety in which retro-futuristic music has evolved in recent years. Hell opens the gates of modern trance meditation with some weirdly pulsating brain candy. It is followed by some eastern vibes in Bear Bones, Lay Low's track, bringing to mind a Turkish Alan Vega in liquid salvia fields. On the b-side French composer Jonathan Fitoussi injects the cosmic into minimalism with an almost Glassian atmosphere. Kranky-artist Jonas Reinhardt closes the gates again spacing on craftmanship in a slowed down dancey style kraut track with ethnic synth melodies, in the vein of some Sky-releases from the 80s. Four other-dimensional pieces, celebrating the lost sublime. The 7" will be presented at the Manoevers, muziek uit de Kosmos Festival on december 5th in Aalst, Belgium. Artwork by Floris Vanhoof.

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