Live Reduxion 7"
Label: Shdwply Records

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"Ranging from discordant, hazy slacker gems, stunted tribal jazz improv to woozy drunken psych pop. The general off-kilter madness is very fitting of this Shdwply imprint, I love the production on these records—proper old-school reel to reel tape recordings capturing progressive thinking musicians fannying around in basements attempting to hit on something new. I must admit there's a real odds'n'sods feel to this album but for fans of pioneering early ‘90s labels such as Siltbreeze and the likes of early Sebadoh or even some of the recent noise/dissonance output from acts such as Ashtray Navigations—this album has plenty of juicy sonic fallout & monged psychedelia to offer the casual yankophile."—

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