Hypatia / Robot Attack!

split 7"
Label: square of opposition

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Robot Attack presents you with 4 songs on their side of this record (plus a summer groove intro/outro). Hypatia throws out 3 on the other. Its been a long time since I heard a record I was this excited about. Robot Attack = fast technical smart spacy hardcore = (ex)members of rain on the parade, go-time, ultimate warriors, gatecrashers, carpenter ant, pul130, the ick, etc etc etc. Hypatia = new school thrash hardcore like the stuff released by 625, Gloom, etc = (ex)members of and i cant wait, government satire, give us barrabas, pull130, gatecrashers, robot attack, etc. 300 pressed on tan vinyl!!! ebay? skylab? yeah dude.
This item is tagged as:
  • hardcore
  • screamo

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