Efficient Use of Space 7″

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Some bedroom projects should stay there. Or even better, be hidden under the bed, covered up by piles of empty beer cans, dust and dirty laundry. This is definitely not the case with Empire Cheese, the moniker chosen by Matthias Kreutzer. Empire Cheese manages to gives you an interesting glimpse in the personal space of the bedroom loner. Sitting there, recording sketches, ideas and traces of lo-fi pop and delay drenched melodies while downing a bottle of cheap red wine, without the limitations and reservations you feel when writing songs intended to be heard. In his own words, after being asked to do a 7″ EP “…the idea of efficiency became part of this activity, all of a sudden I have the responsibility for the space they are providing me, which is literally the 15 minutes on the vinyl and in a more abstract way their dedication and trust in what I am doing. The title is a somewhat ironic comment on this situation which I almost find a bit scary since I never thought of Empire Cheese as a project with which I would release records.”

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