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Two bands with common inspirations, but with different approaches. Lâche is a hard-hitting band that plays a mix of post-hardcore/screamo/hardcore. Despite the harsh and brutal, there’s a vulnerability that is prominent. The songs on this release are the proof. Copper & Stars started with the project You Could Be A Cop. These are the songs that were too dark and brutally honest, they simply formed into a new project, namely Copper & Stars.

Lâche is Tord, Jan and Lars-Sverre, who have all played in different bands. The band is inspired by bands like Defeater, Bane, the Cure and fills a void in today’s hardcore scene in Norway. Lâche is the sound of three boys trapped in a bunker where there’s a lot of time for reflection that erodes a young mind. The music reflects the countless feelings one experiences in life.

Copper & Stars originated in a basement in the suburbs outside Trondheim in early 2019 and plays heartbreaking and bad punk rock completely devoid of show. With deep desperation and horror behind stuttering riffs, one finds an inherent insecurity and fear of life. The rawness of the recording has captured a small time capsule from a small room during two late nights in the trio’s small insignificant life. Copper & Stars is one of very few bands around that takes up the thread from the 80’s and 90’s emotional punk and hardcore.

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