centurion travel ep 7"
Label: Night School

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Limited to 300 with Risographed sleeves and download code (with bonus DESIGN A WAVE remix). Artwork by Bill Kouligas. Recorded by Tom Hirst. Bomber Jackets are a three piece consisting of Russell Walker (Pheromoans), Dan Bolger (Pheromoans) and Sian Dorrier (Plug). Bomber Jackets' debut 7" follows astounding releases on Night People and Sex is Disgusting records and represents a leap in focus. While previous releases have seen the group obfuscated by tape hiss and bedroom recording fidelity, 'Centurion Travel' sees their sound crystalized into a sparkled evocation. The result is a sharp synthesis that recalls pop and dance musics eroded by time and intent, drum machines and consumer electronics helmed by Walker's incisive and increasingly droll text. Highly evocative of a collective mass memory, both music and voice suggest forms that the listener may be familiar with but re-arranged into a jagged version of the recollection. Most importantly, Bomber Jackets retain a celebratory enthusiasm for pop music and its possibilities.
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