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Back in the early '80s the few Charlotte hardcore punk bands (No Rock Stars and The Wogs immediately spring to mind) were never able to make a record and thus get left out of most of those books and movies now appearing about that time period. Similarly, the thrash revival of the '00s has also barely registered a blip about Charlotte bands. Hopefully, this debut 7" ep by Obstruction will be the first shot fired and not a lone blast in the darkness. If you've heard their demo CDR let me just say that this recording blows that one completely out of the water. I've always liked seeing the band live, but until I heard this recording I didn't appreciate them as fully as I do now. Playing this record over and over I found myself thinking that this reminded me of early '80s DC hardcore. This prompted me to play part of The Faith side of the Faith/Void LP, but, no, that wasn't quite it. Then I played The Faith's second, and sadly, last record, The Subject To Change ep, and that's where I heard the similarities. Somewhere around 1983 the remaining DC bands (certainly Minor Threat's Out of Step comes to mind) started to stretch the boundaries of hardcore in new ways so that while it was still thrash it was no longer just playing as fast as you could. Other influences were creeping in and being shaped to fit the hardcore mold. That was an amazing period for this style of music, but, unfortunately, it ended much too soon. Obstruction sound like they have studied this period quite well and are intent on adding to this body of music by putting their own unique stamp on it. I'm sold.
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