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Beautiful Screamo record from the Ukraine and Sweden.

Yotsuya Kaidan 
This is a page torn from my secret diary. In an era when society destroys trust inside you I'm going to talk about something personal. That's what I keep silent in conversations in everyday life, I will scream it from the scene but nobody understands my cry. This is a real story about few coldest days of last summer and about broken, beautiful, invisible thing between me and one more person. 

Det är därför vi bygger städer 
It’s about cherishing your own individuality and feelings. It’s about how a seemingly insignificant thing can mean so much to you without holding any real value in the eyes of others. It’s about the danger of not taking risks. It’s about not accepting attention and status as a proof of value. It’s about the destruction of power. "Whenever domination is present love is lacking" 

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  • Emo
  • Hardcore
  • Screamo

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