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Calgary’s Stalwart Sons has followed up its debut LP from last year, Burn Daylights Like Torches, with an excellent split single. The 7", shared with Edmonton’s Slates, makes a lot of sense: Both bands are from Alberta, play aggressive-yet-tuneful music and fit perfectly on a bill together. Stalwart’s “The Shared Cup” and “Steady on the Plough” are passionate, post-hardcore rockers with a strong sense of melody (see the bassline that fades out “Steady”), with the latter song adding a little Mission of Burma influence to the fold. Slates contributes “Fabian,” a dynamic, slow-burning track that’s quite different from the rest of its oeuvre, and “Chinook,” a thirty-second song about cold weather and want-ing a Chinook. OK, maybe not the timeliest song in July, but this split single is certainly a worthwhile sampling of two of Alberta’s most excit-ing bands.

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