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'Repair' is the second 7” offering from Disinterest. It follows two runs of our demo tape and a split 7” with Skin Graft. The songs represent Disinterest’s original driving force in songwriting, and they were originally recorded in May of 2014 with the exception of Stethoscope. They capture our intention of immersing elements of hardcore punk in noise without the desire to adhere too strongly to the thematic and compositional conventions of either style. Fans of bands such as Cult Ritual, Raw Nerve, or Punch might pick out traces of those sounds in 'Repair,' and are likely to enjoy overall what we put forth in this release. 

Lyrically, 'Repair' is concerned with analyzing the contrast between feelings of connection and disconnection; specifically from lenses of identity, relationships, and mental health. Tracks such as 'Visions' and 'Self-Induced' adopt an inward-focused position in examining the role of individuals within their own feelings of disconnect, while tracks such as 'Reasons' and 'Stethoscope' take a more extroverted approach in presenting the listener with sources of these emotions. From this, 'Repair' can be viewed ultimately as the process of overcoming states of disconnection and disinterest which we, as a band, aim to avoid an autological association with. We feel that it is the best representation of our work to date, and we hope you do too.
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