Lone Soldier Dub 7"
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ZamZam is proud to present two exclusive tracks from Hungarian/Bristolian producer PETER SIMON aka DJ MADD (now residing in Tokyo). Known worldwide for his infectious brand of roots/reggae-heavy dubstep, he has released on crucial bass-centric labels such as Moonshine, Black Box, the legendary WAR series of white labels, and his own Roots & Future imprint. DJ Madd is regularly featured on Rinse FM and BBC Radio, and has been championed by influential DJs from Mary Anne Hobbs to Skream and Breakage. “Lone Soldier Dub” showcases Simon’s mastery of space and bass-weight in the service of classic dub principles. A gorgeous synth melody reminiscent of 1970s sci-fi future dreams opens and frames this instant, epic classic. The dynamic interplay of spacious reverbs and ricocheting percussion echoes, isolated skanks and absolutely massive low end are mesmerizing—familiar in their simplicity and structure, but beguiling and hypnotic in their subtlety and system-pushing sonic clarity. A martial riddim drives “Thru Hell Dub” like a transport through a stricken, vaporized battlefield. Simon’s signature gargantuan bass and syncopated, razor-sharp percussion build and release tension while a haunted synth figure accompanies us through the bleak landscape of war. As usual DJ Madd’s restraint is as powerful as his control of frequencies and intuitive sense of what makes a great sound system tune. Heavy wares for your next dub dance. Edition of 500 copies in hand-printed sleeves.
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