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Hey kids do you like Powerviolence? Of course you do, why else would you be giving this bottom of the barrel blog your patronage? However the genre-idolatry of the likes of Fatal Nunchaku and xKATExMoshx would suggest the band are the types who would have I <3 Powerviolence bumper stickers and wear to court a No Comment t-shirt without the slightest hint of irony to address their numerous noise complaints. What I am trying to get at is that both bands know Powerviolence like the back of their hand, and have the musical twitch to prove it. 
First up is French underground powerviolence veterans and one half of a well documented euro tour with the now defunct Ocksen: Fatal Nunchaku. Fatal Nunchaku thrash around with the utmost tomfoolery, adjoining caustic riffs with curt tempo swaps and employing a completely irrational vocal attack, contrasting rabid yapping with Spazz like bellows; the yapping identical in form to what one might expect from a hyperactive choleric chihuahua - and I use that comparison as a term of endearment. Its a lively, absurd musically sarcastic splurge of adrenaline, sweat and laughs; somewhere in the viciinity of kinsmen Sylvester Staline, although which of the two is the more loony remains to be determined. 
As if made to measure the Charles Bronson-esque Lindsay Lohan/ white popstar burnout syndrome parody band xKATExMOSHx occupy the b-side. Continuing from their well received ST 7" , they continue to beat their extreme case of ADHD afflicted punk as if it were competing at the Grand National; who likes slow music anyway? Its the devils medium for old age pensioners and doom metal fans, and if you ain't hitting above the 180 bpm mark you are pretty much wasting everybody's time. The band are full tilt the moment the needle comes to contact with the wax, offering a 4 minute somersault of hit the ground running and don't look back type bpm therapy. It exemplifies that xKATExMOSHx need a full length, given there is no graceful let down only high octane shenanigans by the time the release ends you are mid stage dive, the bore of reality crashing in as you as your face collides with your chest of drawers 
Powerviolence on the whole is going wonderful if opposing directions, we have a new vanguared of cimmerian tinged powerviolence in balaclava types like Water Torture, Sex Prisoner, False Light (to whom Dead Chemists Records is gracing use with a long overdue physical medium) and Disciples of Christ tunneling into dark corners, whilst bands like Fatal Nunchaku and xKATExMOSHx showing us its still a dependable fun and lively genre." (Every Day Hate)
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