Le Corps Défendant 2x10"
Label: Okraina Records

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"There is something special about when artists like these collaborate. Two independent talents, both completely self-sufficient choosing to come together and see what happens, to let the muses mingle and share the results with the rest of us. What we have here, however, is not some quick jam caught on tape but a long distance collaboration carefully put together over three years. The result is something that gives us a broad overview of the two talents spotlighted here, showcasing many different moods, sounds and styles. Created like an exquisite corpse story they sent each other music to work on with no instructions or suggestions, just some inspiring mix tapes of everyone from Duke Ellington to Harry Patch. They clearly found their way. (...)" 
(Ned Netherwood - Was Ist Das? label) 
This item is tagged as:
  • Folk
  • Piano
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Weird Folk

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