Burning For The Ancient LP
Label: Vendetta

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Originally released by Kreation Records in 2012. Mastered by Mell Dettmer. New artwork and new cutting, better sound. Black vinyl only, limited to 300 copies!

"When your whole being is consumed by a task/goal at hand, focus is of greatest eminence. Everything you do, whether it be eating, thinking, or breathing, are sacrificed and dedicated to this destination at hand. To the surrounding world such allegiances can be awe-inspiring. "Burning for the Ancient" relates in a similar fashion to such pursuing doctrines. When a swimmer is striving to smash a time or even the world record for long distance, audiences can't help in noticing the skill level and grace required for such a feat. Although everyone knows the swimmer is going to continue with the same strokes and underwater kicks, raising and lowering their head during each breath, redundancy does not deter from the enjoyment. Addaura is likened to such spectacles."

This item is tagged as:
  • Atmospheric
  • Black Metal

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