#426 | August 2019 MAG + CD

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Inside this issue:

Oren Ambarchi: Shifting between detourned classic rock and hypnotic minimalism, lulling ambient and excoriating noise, the Australian polymath has become a major player in contemporary music. By Bruce Russell

Julie & Keith Tippett: Their 50 years together as partners and collaborators have seen them through jazz, R&B, free improv and progressive rock, with more to come. By Mike Barnes

Rangers: Alchemising mundanity into magic via the crucible of the home studio, the lo-fi road rock of Dallas musician Joe Knight exudes the charm of the highway strip. By Joseph Stannard

Peter Laughner: Record store clerk, journalist and musician – Pere Ubu’s founding guitarist was a self-appointed catalyst for Cleveland, Ohio’s 1970s scene. A new box set surveys his talents. By Tony Rettman

Invisible Jukebox: Pierre Bastien: Will the composer and instrument maker identify all the parts of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Richard Foster

Unlimited Editions: Hasana Editions

Unofficial Channels: Feminist Zines

Saint Abdullah: Iranian brothers push Middle Eastern music into the red. By Tristan Bath

Hannah Catherine Jones: The Artist Also Known As Foxy Moron interrogates the black British experience. By Stephanie Phillips

Jacob Wick: The Mexico based trumpeter subverts the macho language of improv. By Bill Meyer

33EMYBW & Gooooose: Shanghai times and digital disruption with the cyberpunk duo. By Josh Feola


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