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Moor Mother: As Camae Ayewa prepares for her appearances at Birmingham’s Supersonic festival, Philadelphia’s globally active artist, performer, poet and activist discusses time, destiny and futurism. By Emily Pothast

The Primer: Latin freestyle. Let the music play with our guide to the non-planar vortices of the influential 1980s New York style. By Peter Shapiro

Ellen Arkbro: Her latest album CHORDS takes the Swedish composer into a new realm of sound and space. By Claire Sawers

Invisible Jukebox: The Bohman Brothers: Will the London duo need to improvise in the face of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Clive Bell

Unlimited Editions: Paradigm Discs

Unofficial Channels: TQ zine

Crystal Axis: Nairobi punks throw a time-travelling fist in the face of King Leopold. By Clive Bell

Big Stick: Racing back with the double drag sleaze peddlers. By Edwin Pouncey

Damon Locks: Chicago polymath cries freedom with his Black Monument Ensemble. By Peter Margasak

Stockhausen’s Lost Sea Shanty: A recently discovered song from his 1958 US tour casts the German composer in a new light. By Tom Welsh

Global Ear: Córdoba: Invention versus alienation in the Argentine province. By Hernan Muleiro

The Inner Sleeve: Dale Cornish on Pet Shop Boys’ Very

Epiphanies: An oud awakening for Khyam Allami

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