#410 APRIL 2018 MAG

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Inside this issue:

Mary Halvorson: A new album of vocal-led compositions presents the innovative US jazz guitarist, composer and bandleader with a fresh set of challenges. By Phil Freeman.

Eva-Maria Houben: The German composer, organist, writer and Wandelweiser associate draws on such diverse sources of inspiration as painting, sculpture and synesthesia to create works of profound meditative beauty. By Robert Barry.

Pirate radio DJ sets Primer: A user’s guide to some of the most influential unofficial transmissions to ever hit the UK airwaves, from house and garage to rave and beyond.


Coby Sey: New work from the London based producer homages the Docklands Light Railway. By Rob Turner

Tai Shani: Fantasy and history meld in the London artist’s post-gender utopia. By Tessa Norton

Chaos Echoes: The French trio nudge metal into new rhythmic territories. By Phil Freeman

Akiko Kiyama: The Tokyo based producer trades house and techno for abstract and expressive modes. By Lewis Gordon

Global Ear: Murmansk: Reporting from Russia’s biggest Arctic Circle city. By Nikita Velichko

Invisible Jukebox: Richard Youngs: The lo-fi polymath plays amplifying host to The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Stewart Smith

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