#402 | August 2017 MAG

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Inside this issue:

Circle: Going strong for 26 years and with a back catalogue bursting at the seams, Finland’s spandex-clad hypno-rockers are open to anything. By Tristan Bath

Phurpa: Tibetan religious rituals course through the sepulchral strains of the Moscow based choral trio. By Nikita Velichko

Sapporo: Inspired by legendary Japanese underground drummer Ikuro Takahashi, a DIY scene headed by Cup & Saucers, Otaco, Shimettainu and more is blooming in Hokkaido’s capital. By Biba Kopf

Scotty Hard: The life and times of Scott Harding, the engineer, producer and musical mastermind behind avant-rap legends New Kingdom who continues to mix it up with hiphop heads and jazz crusaders alike. By Neil Kulkarni

United Waters: Former Mouthus man strikes a new balance between noise and song. By Tony Rettman

Odwalla1221: The Los Angeles duo forge new meanings from finely turned samples. By Emily Bick

Probes: Chris Cutler immerses himself in the joys of 20th century music. By Clive Bell

Shiva Feshareki: London based turntablist reworks Daphne Oram at 78 rpm. By Daisy Hyde


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