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 It's time for Maximumrocknroll #399, the August 2016 issue. This issue of the planet's greatest punk fanzine features a revelatory peek under the mask with St. Louis rocker Black Panties, a photo essay on ABC No Rio as it faces the demolition of its current location and the construction of a new building, and an interview with Psycho Squatt and Maloka Records covering 30 years of French punk history. If that's not enough, we also have features covering the standout dark punk of Australia's Masses, the Pacific Northwest-based Skate Witches collective discussing projects like Skate Like A Girl and preeminent skate punk band Skitch, Richmond hardcore ensemble Fried Egg, Berlin punk/emo group Friend Crush, oi-influenced French punk from Syndrome 81, the melodic punk of Chicago's Boilerman, Virginia's RHDP (that stands for Red Horse Drunk Punks, FYI), and Finnish punk photographer Jussi Janis. That ain't it: MRR #399 also includes photo spreads from Total Attack Fest #6 and a special Moscow Madness edition of the MRR Presents gig series, an Australian tour diary from Singapore's Lubricant and a scene report from North Texas.
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