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Gaika: The London based agent provocateur marshalls speculative fiction, politically charged anger and militant beats against an increasingly inhospitable capital. By Rory Gibb.

Ian Brighton: Returning from the wilderness with his first solo album since 1977, the UK improv guitarist discusses his grandfather’s bell-ringing, the tyranny of discord, spirits passing through space, and other shaping forces on his music. By Julian Cowley.

The Primer: Anarcho Punk. The dogged persistence of UK punk’s radical arm has ensured the global survival of its spirit across a variety of media. Louis Pattison presents a user’s guide to the music of resistance.

Klara Lewis: The Swedish composer defies darkness to pursue strange beauty. By Frances Morgan

Antwood: The Canadian producer considers the ethics of artificial intelligence. By Daniel Neofetou 
Sally Golding: The London based artist tests people’s fight or flight responses. By Tristan Bath 
Alterations: The mighty morphin’ improv rangers stir it up again. By Julian Cowley 
Telebossa: The Berlin duo decode Brazilian popular song from a distance. By Stewart Smith

Global Ear: Snowdonia. The Welsh peaks conceal abundant potential for revelation. By Spenser Tomson

Invisible Jukebox with Islam Chipsy: The Egyptian shaabi master says “EEK” to The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Maha ElNabawi 

The Inner Sleeve: Sofia Jernberg on Diamanda Galas’s The Litanies Of Satan

Epiphanies: Rick Potts of The Los Angeles Free Music Societyachieves mind-meld via jamming

Print Run: Buttholes remembered, black power and jazz, Julius Eastman, the impact of digitisation, and more 
On Screen: Lily Keber’s Bayou Maharajah, Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead 
On Site: Channa Horwitz in London 
On Location: Sensational, Heather Leigh & Peter Brötzmann, Joan La Barbara, Test Dept, Borealis, and more

Soundcheck: Simon Reynolds on Let’s Eat GrandmaEmily Bick on AGFPeder Mannerfelt & Sam KidelAbi Bliss onPsychic TempleDaniel Spicer on Scandinavian freakout, andLara C Cory on Bernard Herrmann.

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