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Visor Berlin contains 41 works by 23 artists from Berlin. It is a follow-up to the Berlin Scrawling zine released in 2013. The name was changed to strip off the implication, that it is only about drawings. After all, the primary idea is to showcase a variety of styles and compile interesting artworks regardless of technique or materials used.

Contributing artists:
Beat Gipp, Björn, Brookesia StudioFatimaDjamilaHagiophobicIndustrias DocJulian Scherer,Laura YahnaLula VallettaMario HamborgNoise Armada, Oli Verboden, Philip Hölldobler, Roland Chiocchetti, Rubee, SepsyzShaltmiraShortriverThe ThundergoatTina HenschelUntune,Werner KernebeckYannis The Pilgrim

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