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the ultra lo-fi aesthetic predictably remains—the first “No Flashlight” pairs Jandekian guitar shards and a hand-played trash-can drum set, the drunk tuba of “The Universe Is Shown” leads a clattering percussion heavy two-minute romp, and “I Hold Nothing” reveals a flowery guitar melting with carefully plotted piano and double-tracked vocals. Each song is a ramshackle affair—obviously composed with complete care and then casually blurred upon its actual performance. This bleary-eyed aesthetic is an old chestnut of Elvrum’s and he knows how to work it expertly, squeezing every last ounce of naïve energy from each instrument and recording take. 

But as much as I’d like to make this about the music, Elvrum continually pushes the lyrical content onto himself or onto Mt. Eerie (the band, the Mt., the whatever he wants it to be). And because Elvrum’s philosophy is a rather muddled one (even with a surfeit explanation bordering on the absurd), it tends to take away from the album at key moments. Musical highlights like the beautifully hummed “How?” are weighed down by Elvrum’s insistence on calling the visible world “the romance” or the unfortunate lyric “Because the pupil of my eye is a hole / There’s no Inside and there’s no Out / The world is in me and I am in the world” from the shimmering “No Inside, No Out.”
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